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Why it is important to follow up with your customers?

When you start a new business or launch a new product or service, the first focus is to get customers.  So, you spread the word across the market and once people know about you, the business will start rolling in, right? Not so fast.

Business marketing includes three major aspects which are inter-related to each other: proper market research, presenting your product in the market and fundamentals to prepare a potential lead. 

Following up with your customers is the most important part of any marketing strategy yet many marketers don’t! If there’s anything you take away from this post it’s that your fortune is in your follow up.  The follow up indicates that you don’t take your customers for granted.  It indicates that you value their business and continuing a healthy relationship with your customers. It’s an important business practice that should not be ignored.

Here are some reasons why your follow up is in your fortune:

  1. The reality is everyone says they’re going to do it but very few people actually take action without the extra nudge.
  2. It’s a way to go the extra mile and really not have to travel that far.
  3. Following up is part of the nurturing process that turns a contact into a real connection.
  4. Showing up consistently is likely to inspire conversation and spread the word about your business beyond the initial connection.
  5. Follow up cultivates a deeper relationship which creates loyalty and brand preference.
  6. Following up is also a way to continue to serving customers as you introduce them to additional products and services that aid them in the next phase of their business.

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