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Simple Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

A positive review from your customers doesn’t mean they will come around again! Strengthening your connection with existing customers holds equal importance as attracting new customers. New customers help your business grow but only when your retaining your original customer base. New customers without retention results in a stagnant bottom line. If you are on a mission to making a million dollars, then today’s tips from Sandra Yancey, life and business transformation specialist,are just what you need.

Today Sandra is sharing her tips to customer retention. Partner these tips with customer growth, and you are on the right track to a million dollars in annual revenue:

Stay in Touch with Your Customers

Being active on social media, sending emails about with value added information, or emails about special offers and discounts for their loyalty help you stay in touch with your existing customers. This is one of our favorite ways to continue building lust with our audience and retain our customer relationship!

Make a Great First Impression

Respond to the questions and inquiries promptly, ask questions, and connect. Show enthusiasm about how you offer the perfect solution. We have one person who manages each of our support inboxes and it is essential that we follow up within 24 hours, even if to let them know we are doing further investigation to address their questions. Your customers want to feel seen and heard and taking too long to respond accomplishes the opposite of what you want to retain their business!

Understand Their Pain Points

Solving your customer’s problem is the key to staying in business. Taking the time to really survey your customers, where they are at in their journey, and creating content specific to them is key to creating lust! If the information you provide is irrelevant to them, you will lose them as a client. Customers are at the heart of any business, so tailoring your plans around their likes, instead of their dislikes, will help to ensure customer loyalty in the long run. Implementing a type of Customer Experience Feedback Survey, from somewhere like Reputation.com (https://reputation.com/products/surveys/) could help you to understand more about their problems and how you can make your business better because of it. It could also make a difference to your success going forward.

Show Appreciation

That’s right! Appreciate your customers. Don’t just think about it, do something. Why do you think consumers keep approaching companies like Raise to buy gift cards then and again? It’s because they understand their client’s needs and deliver the services accordingly within their budget. This is their form of appreciation. As for you, use this opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We are not talking about the typical holiday card that everybody sends out! Track when you first started working with your client and send them a happy anniversary just to appreciate them and tell them how much you’ve loved working with them. If you REALLY want to blow them away, send them a hand-written card in a beautifully branded package.

Admit Your Faults

The truth of the matter is we all make mistakes! It’s part of growing in business. When a mistake occurs, and it’s noticed, own it. It’s important that you admit your mistake, apologize for it, and explain how it is being fixed. Do whatever you need to do to let that person know that not only are you sorry but maybe here’s a little extra bonus for any inconvenience with some reassurance that it won’t happen again.

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