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The 11th Annual Women’s Success Summit will inspire and embolden your grand vision for success. Network with some of the most extraordinary, dynamic and successful entrepreneurs in the region. Join Sandra as she shares her successful strategies on “How to S.C.A.L.E. Your Business for greater Impact, Revenue and Prosperity.”

Sandra Yancey, international award-winning entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling Author, Life & Business Transformation Expert from the Emmy award-winning TV show The DOCTORS, and the Founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork, will unveil the keys to having a successful, thriving, profitable business. Sandra has a 20-year legacy of inspiring entrepreneurs and coaching them to breakthrough and stand out.

The 11th annual “Women’s Success Summit” is our biggest and most exciting regional chapter event of the year!

Now is the time to step into your full magnificence!

Join us!

Now is the time to step into your full magnificence!

Join us!

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